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  • A lightweight XBRL vocabulary

    An attempt to publish XBRL standard following best practices on the Web. Not an official version from XBRL International and under development @en
  • AMLO-core vocabulary

    The AMLO-core is the main module of the AMLO projects that extends the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) with some concepts to describe the Anti Money Laundering (AML)...
  • The SEAS Trading ontology

    The Seas Trading Ontology defines concepts and relations to describe ownership, trading, bilateral contracts and market licenses: players own systems and trade commodities,...
  • SAREF: the Smart Appliances REFerence ontology

    The Smart Appliances REFerence (SAREF) ontology is a shared model of consensus that facilitates the matching of existing assets (standards/protocols/datamodels/etc.) in the...
  • Process Execution ontology.

    The process execution ontology is a proposal for a simple extension of both the W3C Semantic Sensor Network and the Semantic Actuator Network ontology cores. @en
  • KEES Ontology

    KEES (Knowledge Exchange Engine Schema ) ontology describes a knowledge base configuration in terms of ABox and TBox statements together with their accrual and reasoning...
  • Vocabulary for Regions and Zones on Cloud Computing

    Ontology for the definition of regions and zones of availability on CloudComputing platforms and services. This ontology allows to define model of regions used in large cloud...
  • Ontology for Cloud Computing instances

    Ontology for Cloud Computing Instances. Instance are classes of VM that comprise varying combinations of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity. This ontology allows to...
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