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  • A lightweight XBRL vocabulary

    An attempt to publish XBRL standard following best practices on the Web. Not an official version from XBRL International and under development @en
  • Damage Topology Ontology

    Version 0.8: completed ontology metadata wrt LOV added classes dot:ClassifiedDamage and dot:UnclassifiedDamage (subclasses of dot:Damage) made dot:StructuralDamage and...
  • AMLO-core vocabulary

    The AMLO-core is the main module of the AMLO projects that extends the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) with some concepts to describe the Anti Money Laundering (AML)...
  • Volkswagen Vehicles Ontology

    A vocabulary for describing Volkswagen-specific features of automobiles and their components @en
  • Vehicle Emissions Ontology

    An ontology for describing vehicles and their emissions. @en
  • Road Traffic Management

    An ontology that describes the management of the traffic in a straight road with two lanes, both in the same direction. @en
  • i40 Standards Lanscape Vocabulary

    A vocabulary to describe the relation between standards in use on the Industry 4.0, and related concepts @en
  • CERISE CIM Profile for Smart Grids

    A Profile of the IEC Common Information Model for Smart Grids, developed by the Cerise-SG project. @en
  • The SEAS Trading ontology

    The Seas Trading Ontology defines concepts and relations to describe ownership, trading, bilateral contracts and market licenses: players own systems and trade commodities,...
  • The SEAS Time Ontology.

    This ontology defines: - a set of subclasses of seas:Evaluation to better interpret evaluations of quantifiable properties. - a set of sub properties of seas:hasProperty to...
  • The SEAS Device ontology

    The SEAS Device ontology defines seas:Device as physical system that are designed to execute one or more procedures that involve the physical world. @en
  • The SEAS Battery ontology.

    This ontology defines batteries and their state of charge ratio property. @en
  • The SEAS System ontology

    The System Ontology defines Systems, Connections between systems, and Connection Points at which systems may be connected. This ontology is then specialized for multiple...
  • SEAS ontology

    This vocabulary is version v0.1 of the ITEA2 Smart Energy Aware Systems project vocabulary. It enables the description of electricity measurements of a site using the Data Cube...
  • The SEAS Statistics ontology.

    This ontology defines common evaluation interpretation concepts for statistics. @en
  • SAREF: the Smart Appliances REFerence ontology

    The Smart Appliances REFerence (SAREF) ontology is a shared model of consensus that facilitates the matching of existing assets (standards/protocols/datamodels/etc.) in the...
  • rami - Reference Architecture Model

    A vocabulary which represents the Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI), including the concept of the Administration Shell I4.0 Component. @en
  • QUDT Alignment.

    This ontology defines proposed alignemnts with the QUDT ontology. @en
  • SQuAP Ontology

    Quality, architecture, and process are considered the keystones of software engineering. ISO defines them in three separate standards. However, their interaction has been poorly...
  • Process Execution ontology.

    The process execution ontology is a proposal for a simple extension of both the W3C Semantic Sensor Network and the Semantic Actuator Network ontology cores. @en
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