LiveSchema.org is a high-quality catalog of graph-structured data sets that can be re-used for:

  1. the development of vertical domain applications (e.g., e-commerce, internet-of-things, bioinformatics);
  2. for training statistical models and predict new facts about the world.
The LiveSchema.org is a DataScientia initiative, which aims to gather a huge amount of graph-structured data sets from a collection of already existing catalogs.
By providing an extensive range of data formats (TTL, RDF, and FCA), and access methods (full-text search, data dump or SPARQL), the main mission is to offer a family of services to easily access, accurately understand, and re-use data in the context of vertical domain knowledge application development and relational machine learning.

To achieve this, LiveSchema.org is mainly managed by a group of expert knowledge engineers and data scientists that contribute to the development and evolution of the whole catalog.
Moreover, a group of voluntary participants can also be involved in collaborative development of the project, by following well-founded guidelines provided by the knowledge engineers.
The adoption of LiveSchema.org in the iTelos methodology framework shows the utility of such a catalog and related services for the generation of knowledge-based applications and statistical analysis of graph-structured data.