ACRONYM Ontology

The Annotation CReatiON for Your Media (ACRONYM) ontology's purpose is to lend context from the real-world (Ambient Intelligence) to the creation of resources. More specifically, it can be used to capture the presence of relevant wireless devices at the time of resource creation. This ontology's original purpose is to be integrated with other ontologies from social networking, multimedia, geography and context-awareness to aid the semi-automatic annotation of media, but more generally it can be used for Ambient Intelligence applications. For example, it can be used to capture the unique Bluetooth addresses of devices near a cameraphone at the time of photograph capture and later link those addresses to the people that own those devices. Alternatively, it can be used to track the RFID addresses of products in a factory and update their status in an information system. The ontology is open to and welcomes extension with various other types of wireless addressing protocols/formats and application-specific semantics.


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