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  • The Wfprov Ontology

    The wfprov ontology shows how to express minimal provenance information about the execution of a workflow described using the wfdesc ontology. @en
  • The Workflow Motif Ontology

    Ontology for describing Workflow Motifs. Workflow Motifs outline the kinds of data-intensive activities that are observed in workflows (data-operation motifs) and the different...
  • The Wfdesc ontology

    This ontology ("wfdesc") describes an abstract workflow description structure, allowing the description of a scientific workflow as a direct acyclic graph, or a dataflow. This...
  • The Video Game Ontology

    The Video Game Ontology is an ontology designed for describing video games and all the resources related to their game plays. @en
  • The Research Object Ontology

    This ontology shows how AO and ORE ontologies can be used together to define a ResearchObject. This ontology is further customized by the wf4ever ontology. @en
  • W3C PROVenance Interchange

    The namespace name http://www.w3.org/ns/prov# is intended for use with the PROV family of documents that support the interchange of provenance on the web. @en
  • The P-PLAN Ontology

    The Ontology for Provenance and Plans (P-Plan) is an extension of the PROV-O ontology [PROV-O] created to represent the plans that guided the execution of scientific processes....
  • The OPMW Ontology

    OPMW is a OPMV profile to model the executions and definitions of scientific workflows. @en
  • Open Provenance Model

    The Open Provenance Model is a model of provenance that is designed to meet the following requirements: (1) To allow provenance information to be exchanged between systems, by...
  • Workflow Invocation Ontology

    Wf-invoc is a simple profile of the P-plan ontology to describe how workflow steps are invoked within a workflow execution. @en
  • The EP-Plan ontology

    PROV extension for linking Plans and parts of plans to their respective executions. @en
  • The Linked Earth Ontology

    The Linked Earth Ontology aims to provide a common vocabulary for annotating paleoclimatology data @en