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  • A user interface ontology

    An ontology suitable for describing forms, sequences in widgets @en
  • AKT Support Ontology

    The AKT Reference Ontology has been designed to support the AKT-2 demonstrator ("AKTive Portal"), and subsequent activities @en
  • The Neural Network Ontology

    This is the Neural Network Ontology. Designed by the AIFB (http://www.aifb.kit.edu/web/Web_Science) @en
  • DINGO Ontology

    The DINGO ontology (Data Integration for Grant Ontology) defines the terms of the DINGO vocabulary and provides a machine readable extensible framework to model data relative to...
  • The Vagueness Ontology

    The Vagueness Ontology (VO) allows one to specify vagueness characterisations of the TBox entities of an ontology. @en
  • Usability

    Ontology 'Usability' created to describe and store information about interactions of user with a software user interface @en, Онтология "Удобство испльзования" предназначена для...
  • ubyCat.owl

    OLiA Annotation Model for Uby Parts of Speech (Gurevych et al, 2012) extracted from the Uby DTD (http://purl.org/olia/ubyCat.owl, version of Nov 21th, 2012). References Iryna...
  • The Similarity Ontology

    An ontology to describe associations between things. Although this ontology was designed with music similarity in mind, it can readily be applied to other domains. @en
  • Sequence Pattern

    Intended to represent sequence schemas. It defines the notion of transitive and intransitive precedence and their inverses. It can then be used between tasks, processes, time...
  • SAN (Semantic Actuator Network)

    This ontology is intended to describe Semantic Actuator Networks, as a counterpoint to SSN definition of Semantic Sensor Networks. An actuator is a physical device having an...
  • Relations for Reusing (R4R) Ontology

    R4R is a light-weight ontology for representing general relationships of resource for publication and reusing. It asserts that a certain reusing context occurred and determined...
  • SNaP Identifier Ontology

    The Identifier Ontology models non-RDF based Identifiers for resources. It is used to maintain a mapping between RDF resources identifiers and their equivalent IDs in an...
  • Onyx Emotion Ontology

    Onyx is a vovabulary designed designed to annotate and describe the emotions expressed by user-generated content on the web or in particular Information Systems. @en
  • Ordered List Ontology

    The Ordered List Ontology Specification provides basic concepts and properties for describing ordered lists as semantic graphs. @en
  • Ontology Design Pattern Participation

    The basic participation pattern, without temporal indexing. It clones equivalent elements from DOLCE-UltraLite. @en
  • Machine Learning Schema

    ML-Schema is a collaborative, community effort with a mission to develop, maintain, and promote standard schemas for data mining and machine learning algorithms, datasets, and...
  • Marl Ontology Specification

    Marl is a standardised data schema designed to annotate and describe subjective opinions expressed on the web or in particular Information Systems. @en
  • ELSEWeb Lifemapper Parameters Ontology

    The ELSEWeb Lifemapper parameters ontology provides auxiliary classes and instances that describe input parameters of Lifemapper modelling services. This ontology provides...
  • ELSEWeb Modelling Ontology

    The ELSEWeb Modelling ontology provides simple classes for describing data models. This project provides foundational support for the ELSEWeb...
  • The Linked SPARQL Queries Vocabulary (LSQ(V))

    The Linked SPARQL Queries Vocabulary (LSQ(V)), defined using RDF(S) and OWL, provides a machine readable vocabulary to help describe queries in SPARQL logs and their statistics....