Ontology of units of Measure (OM)

The Ontology of units of Measure (OM) 2.0 models concepts and relations important to scientific research. It has a strong focus on units, quantities, measurements, and dimensions. @en, 測定単位のオントロジー (Ontology of units of Measure; OM) は,科学技術にとって重要な概念及び関係をモデル化する。OMは,単位・量・測定・次元に特に焦点を当てている。 @ja


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Source https://lov.linkeddata.es/dataset/lov/vocabs/oum/versions/2020-06-06.n3
Author Hajo Rijgersberg, Don Willems, Jan Top
Version v2-0-22
Last Updated December 17, 2020, 01:38 (CET)
Created July 28, 2020, 16:38 (CEST)
Issued 2020-06-06
Language en, ja, nl, zh
Reference Catalog URL https://lov.linkeddata.es/dataset/lov/vocabs/oum
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