Territorial Statistical Nomenclature Change Ontology

The TSN-Change ontology aims at describing changes that occured from one version of a Territorial Statistical Nomenclature (TSN) (i.e., partition of the territory) and its subsequent (e.g., change in territorial units boundaries to reflect an administrative reorganisation). @en


Additional Info

Field Value
Source https://lov.linkeddata.es/dataset/lov/vocabs/tsnc/versions/2017-05-15.n3
Author Camille Bernard, Marlène Villanova-Olivier, Hy Dao, Jérôme Gensel
Version v2-0
Last Updated December 17, 2020, 01:44 (CET)
Created February 3, 2020, 16:36 (CET)
Issued 2017-05-15
Language en
Reference Catalog URL https://lov.linkeddata.es/dataset/lov/vocabs/tsnc
URI http://purl.org/net/tsnchange#